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A vintage trunk as side table

Vintage finds add depth and personality to your décor

Have you inherited an antique from a favorite relative or purchased a vintage piece from a local flea market or on a foreign vacation? Not sure how to integrate it into your home design? Don’t despair.

Antiques and vintage items can be added to most any decorating style beautifully – and you’ll be saving a family heirloom or preserving a special memory. The surprise influence of an antique adds depth to a room and helps make the décor more interesting.

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Vintage desk and chair
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A vintage sofa

Here are some tips about incorporating antiques into your decorating plan:

– Adding just a few antique items will make a room feel layered and personal.
– Adding too many pieces can make your room look chaotic or junky or even like a museum, instead of a home!
– Collections of vintage objects can make a beautiful art display, on walls, shelves, tables or in specially designed cases.

Think about using antique items for a different purpose or putting them in an unexpected place:

– A vintage mirror can be hung in almost any room.
– A vase can be repurposed as a beautiful lamp.
– A large serving dish can be made into a planter.
– A buffet table can be used as a bedroom dresser.
– A couple of dining chairs can be moved into the bedroom to create a reading nook.
– A bedroom bureau can be repurposed as a beautiful entry room anchor piece.

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A vintage mirror in a bathroom
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A pair of antique chairs

Adding a vintage accessory or antique element to a room will update your décor to make it more intriguing and personal.

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