Window Blinds Kitchen or Bath With New Countertops 0000120 Pir Lum Stria Kitchen Talent
Elegant marble countertops; shown with Pirouette® window shadings.

A new counter can top off your kitchen or bath beautifully.

Changing your countertops can make a visible difference in the look of a room. Depending on what you select in material, color and pattern, the new countertops can add personality or they can blend into the background to call attention to another design element. The choice is yours!

Durability is probably more key in this home design decision than almost any other because most of the time countertops get lots of use. Some surfaces are easier to maintain than others, and some can be resurfaced while others cannot. That’s why it’s best to consult an expert when you select a countertop material.

Window Blinds Kitchen or Bath With New Countertops 0000281 Everwood Sl Parch Ktch Before
A copper countertop adds personality.
Window Blinds Kitchen or Bath With New Countertops 0000258 Du Lr Commercial Platinum Kitchen
A mix of materials adds interest. Shown with Duette® honeycomb shades

So many material choices are available, including: concrete, granite, marble, butcher block, engineered surfaces, stainless steel, soapstone, limestone, zinc, copper, tile and glass.

Some surfaces are more costly than others, so your budget is an important consideration. And your choices in color and pattern are almost unlimited.

Consider using two different countertop materials in your kitchen, one near the cooktop and sink, and another on an island.

Various countertop materials can lend quite a different feel to a room. For example:

– For elegance, think marble.
– For cozy, think butcher-block wood.
– For vintage, think tile.
– For country, think limestone.
– For avant-garde, think concrete.

Add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen or bath with a beautiful new countertop.

Window Blinds Kitchen or Bath With New Countertops 0000245 Du Lr Pv Ale a Kitchen Crop
A beautiful marble countertop, shown with Duette® honeycomb shades.

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