Which Horizontal Blinds are Right for Homes?

Horizontal Blinds for Kitchens in Livermore, Elk Grove & Manteca, California (CA)

Window treatments can make or break your home. You might think that shopping for new blinds will be a simple process, but it is easy to get overwhelmed at all of the options available to you. In order to maximize your shopping experience, it is best to familiarize yourself with the products and compare those to what you are looking for in a new window treatment. Hunter Douglas has created a variety of horizontal blinds to ensure that each customer can find something that meets their needs. Check out the options below to find out which horizontal blinds are right for you. 

Parkland Blinds are the most traditional of the three styles. They are a classic take on the wooden blind which makes the Parkland option both versatile and timeless. The slats are made of a beautiful hardwood that come in a variety of colors and sizes. The wood colors vary from light, cool ivory to richer warm tones. This customization allows you find a wood blind that compliments your space. Not only are these blinds elegant, but they are also functional in the sense that you can control the slats for your optimal light and privacy.

The Everwood Collection takes everything that you like about the Parkland Blinds but adds a more modern twist. These blinds are made from materials that serve as an alternative to the traditional wooden blind. However, because of their wooden appearance, these blinds offer the same timeless quality as the Parkland Collection. They are guaranteed to look realistic with the variety of TruGrain® finishes and the neutral colors. Along with these contemporary blinds come operating systems and other decorative elements that will allow your blinds to function in a variety of ways, including decor. This style is a great option for those looking to add a window treatment to a room with a lot of light or exposure to humid environments because these materials are known for their durability.

The Modern Precious Metals style stands apart from the other Hunter Douglas blinds. This collection is incredibly sleek and simple, appealing to those who don’t want their space to appear cluttered with a window treatment. These blinds offer a wide variety of customization, including the texture, color, and size. The beauty of this style is that it fits in with any modern decor, but also works as a nice contrast against a more traditional wooden aesthetic to add dimension to any space.

Each of the different horizontal blinds offer a different set of advantages. If you are looking for a classic style with versatility, then the Parkland Blinds are the best option for you. However, if you like the look of the traditional blinds but want something that can take the heat, then you should look into the Everwood Collection. The Modern Precious Metals Collection is designed for those looking for a unique and trendy window treatment to Incorporate into their home. For more information about window treatments, come see us at Elite Shutters & Shadings. We have showrooms in Livermore, Elk Grove, and Manteca, CA and serve the surrounding areas of Modesto, Stockton, Tracy, Sacramento, Pleasanton, Alameda County, Sacramento County, and San Joaquin County, CA.