Built-in Seating

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Add extra seating and storage

Built-in seating feels cozy and inviting – and it can be very versatile, providing not just an additional place to sit, but additional display space for pillows or even storage underneath. It can maximize space in a tight area or create a new casual place to read, have a meal, chat, or just look out the window.

Built-in seating can be manufactured to complement almost any building style. It can be upholstered or not; it can have simple and straight lines or lots of detail; it can have seat backs or not; it can have closed shelving inside, open shelving or no storage at all.

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Built-in seating can provide additional storage underneath.

where to add built-in seating

Best of all, built-in seating can go almost anywhere in your home:

– Most popular, in a breakfast room or kitchen, for added places at the casual family dining table
– In the window of a bedroom or living room, to create a lovely place to daydream and view the outdoors
– In the den or home office, for a quiet space to talk on the phone, answer emails or respond to texts
– In the foyer, to put on shoes and socks, and drop off your stuff when you come in the door, but do watch for clutter!

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Built-in seating creates a casual place to read or chat.

Create a cozy corner

Built-in seating can also be a creative way to finish a room that looks a bit incomplete. It beautifully fills up an awkward space in a corner or completes a room plan near a window

Consider adding built-in seating to your home, this summer!

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A built-in bench is great for filling a narrow space in a room.