Books as Design Elements

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Make your interior look smarter

For the most part, we think of books as volumes to read, but books can also be the finishing touch to your interior! 

Books add color, texture and scale. Most of all, they create a point of interest and conversation for your guests.

Typically we think of books displayed in a home office or library, but they can be used as a decorating element in almost any room. You can sort them by color, size, topic and more. The choice is yours.

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Sorting your books by color can be a fun way to display them.

how to display your books

A variety of book placements can enhance your interior design:
– Beautiful coffee table books can be exhibited in your living room or great room.
– A collection of books with the same theme - or the same color - can be arranged on shelves.
– Your favorite books, regardless of the color or topic, can be randomly displayed.
– Large books can be stacked on the floor to create a unique occasional table.
– A selection of valuable first editions autographed by the authors can be displayed inside glass cases for their protection.
– Several books can be stacked on a table, as a base for a flower arrangement or decorative accessory.
– Cookbooks can be displayed in a kitchen or breakfast nook.

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Orange and red accents - including coffee table books! - add interest to this room.

Follow your interests

Most people display books they have read – or plan to read. Other people – and some interior designers – buy selections of books primarily for display.

Think about decorating with books that reflect your own interests, such as: Home and Garden, Art, Travel, Sailing, Sports, Fashion, History and Nature.

Add some books to your décor this season. It’s a clever idea!

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Decorate with books that reflect your interests.