Benefits of Custom Shutters

The Many Benefits of Custom Shutters

Hunter Douglas dominates the window treatment industry with its high-quality products and sincere customer service. Not only is their customer service phenomenal, but they have cultivated a wide range of products to me the needs of all their clients. They offer a multitude of styles, materials, and stains that will satisfy even the pickiest of customers. Although there are dozens of benefits of Hunter Douglas custom shutters, here are just a few of the major perks.

The first benefit is the bang you are going to get for your buck. They are created with superior craftsmanship that is built to last. This means that not only are you going to pay a fair initial price, but you won’t have to continue updating your window treatments because of the quality of the craft and materials. There are three specific styles of shutters, and each is made with a different material, including wood, alternative wood, and a unique compound that is meant to withstand almost all wear and tear.

Heritance shutters, designed using dovetail construction to maximize their strength, are a great representation of the multiple benefits that come with Hunter Douglas shutters. Not only are these custom shutters durable, but they offer a variety of colors for you to choose from. Say goodbye to the image of boring shutters in your home, because now you can get a window treatment that fits with your decor or makes a bold statement. Looking for a pop of color in your kitchen? You can choose a color of Heritance shutters that complements your current aesthetic and makes the space more dynamic with the hint of color. Similarly, you aren’t limited in terms of the style of your window treatment. You can choose a specialty shape for your shutter so you no longer have to worry about those unique window frames in your home.

These benefits are not limited to the Heritance line. The Palm Beach collection offers an additional set of advantages for your custom shutters. They are made of a Polysatin compound that is UV-resistant, taking the already durable Hunter Douglas shutter to a new level. Made of such a tough compound, the Palm Beach shutters are ideal for those who are in hot and humid climates because these shutters come with a guarantee to never crack, peel, fade, or distort, regardless of moisture or heat.

Think there can’t possibly be any more benefits to Hunter Douglas shutters? Meet the Newstyle line. This collection is a hybrid, bringing you the best benefits from wood and modern materials. These hybrid shutters combine the look of wood with the strength and affordability of modern day materials. They are incredibly versatile in their appearance and are sure to work with any home decor.

With benefits ranging from price, style, customization, durability, and more, it is hard not to question your current window treatments. If you are interested in hearing more about the benefits of Hunter Douglas shutters, come see us at Elite Shutters and Shadings. We have showrooms in Livermore, Elk Grove, and Manteca, CA and serve the surrounding areas including Modesto, Stockton, Tracy, Sacramento, Pleasanton, Alameda County, Sacramento County, and San Joaquin County, CA.