Window Blinds Adding Metal Trim to Furniture 0000228 T Alu Pir Pv Charmeuse Fabric Detail
Metal trim complements many decorating styles. Shown with Pirouette® window shadings.

Adding metal trim to your furniture creates a timeless look.

Metal trim is a classic embellishment for furniture and more. Brads, nails and tacks were used as early as the 17th century and maybe even before, in almost every country in Europe, and in the United States, too. Think of them as jewelry for furniture – adding a beautiful necklace around the edges.

Metal trims work just as beautifully today as when they were first invented. They add a sense of craftsmanship and can complement almost any style of décor, from the most traditional to ultra contemporary.

Window Blinds Adding Metal Trim to Furniture 0000084 Parkland Classics Cl Walnut Livrm
Nail heads make a tailored statement on this sofa. Shown with Parkland® Classics™ Wood Blinds.
Window Blinds Adding Metal Trim to Furniture 0000113 Parkland Scenic Lr Whitewash Bdrm
Metal trim works also on headboards. Shown with Parkland® Scenic™ Wood Blinds.

Decorative brads, nails and tacks are mostly used on upholstered furniture, but can also be applied beautifully on headboards, upholstered walls and doors, and even as an embellishment on table tops, table fronts and table legs.

You can make a subtle design statement by using metal trim as a stripe on the edge of upholstery or you can go wild, using the trim in patterns or a patchwork design. Leather especially lends itself to metal trim, but many other fabrics can be adorned too, including velvet, tapestries and other heavy fabrics.

Metal trim comes in many shapes and sizes, with or without facets, and with matte, glossy or distressed finishes. Shapes include square, round, diamond and pyramid. Brads, nails and tacks can have a variety of metal finishes, including silver, antique gold, nickel, brass and even black. The newest of all are trims made from stone and crystal.

Add some decorative metal trim to your décor! It is a timeless look that’s modern even today.

Window Blinds Adding Metal Trim to Furniture 0000300 Cadence Permatilt Fairviewl Den
Decorative metal edging on this chair creates an elegant look. Shown with Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds.

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